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Expert Witness - Cosme F. Gutierrez

As a Mine Safety and Health and Environmental Consultant Mr. Gutierrez provides consulting services to individuals, organizations and attorneys, involving litigation or other activities related to the mine environment, as well as the health and safety of workers and the public.

His expertise is specifically related to the Mine Safety and Health Act, Surface Underground Mining Control and Reclamation Act and the CFR-30 (code of Federal Regulations part 30). He has extensive experience related to underground metal/nonmetal mining, wash plants, crushed stone, sand and gravel reclamation, and a plethora of knowledge in mining equipment.

Expert Witness: Mr. Gutierrez provides expert witness services related to mining accidents, fatalities, and environmental damage cause by mining. He conducts professional and thorough investigations and provides testimony in administrative, local, state and federal courts regarding the adverse effects of certain mining activities.

Speaker: Mr. Gutierrez has conducted workshops in the academic environment to educate high school and college students and the general public regarding the adverse environmental impacts of certain damaging types of mining practices.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Cosme F. Gutierrez to discuss details regarding any of his services.


Open pit mine.
Open pit mine.


Mine Ventilation

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